Please phone us for oriental rug cleaning in Camarillo, CA.

“Clean” is a term we use to mean that we have removed unwanted soil from something. whether its a counter top, a dirty dish, or a dirty rug, the same factors are involved in cleaning. The strategy is what changes and is specific to the item being cleaned. The 4 factors of cleaning are:

chemistry- stronger soap separates more soil. Synthetic rugs can handle high pH detergents but wool and silk like to be in a slightly detergent to keep the pH where nature intended it.

agitation- scrubbing breaks soil off of rug fibers. If a rug is too delicate to be agitated safely then we can use more dwell time or stronger chemistry if heavy soil is to be removed.

dwell time, – soaking loosens soil. Just like soaking a dirty dish in the sink makes easy removal later, rugs are the same. A longer soak time if safe, can increase cleaning ability.

and heat. – hot water removes more soil. But heat has the biggest effect on wool dyes so we only use hot water with synthetic materials like polyester, polypropylene, and nylon.