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Home spot cleaning can be very effective in caring for your rugs when a spill happens. If done wrong and with the wrong product spot cleaning can cause a lot of problems like color bleeds, faded colors, the residue that attracts dirt, and damaging the soft feel of the rug. The first rule of spot cleaning is to try to get as much of the spilled material up before spraying any products on the spot. A safe way to do it is to place a clean towel over the spot and gently step on the spot. This should draw the liquid into the towel. Repeat this step and keep moving the towel to a clean spot. Keep doing this until you can see that no more material is transferring to the towel. Next, spray a spot cleaning product that is pH neutral and is specifically designed for wool. DO NOT use Folex or Resolve as these types of store-bought products will permanently damage the rug.

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