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Resume and cover letter service

Marketing tips

  • Use testimonials. Don't lose touch with your customers. From time to time, find out if they have found work. If so, ask them to leave feedback on your collaboration. Positive testimonials and customer references will make your advertising more persuasive. If any of your clients have not found a job yet, ask what they think the reason is. Perhaps the candidate simply has several offers and can't make a choice. Ask what impression the resume makes on employers. Offer to make adjustments if necessary. Showing such interest will improve your image and increase the credibility of yours professional online resume services.
  • Practice your skills. If you have no HR experience under your belt, build resumes and cover letters to yourself, your friends and family before you offer your services to clients. This way you will simultaneously do a good deed and "get your hands on" - find the most effective method for you, learn the workflow and learn how to write a resume quickly and at the same time thoroughly. At the same time, choose a few of the most successful samples, which you will hand out as examples. They should show potential clients how much more convincing their own resumes will look after your processing. To do this, show the raw data and the result.
  • Don't set fixed prices. Or at least formulate multiple types of offers. Formulate a price based on the amount of work. After all, it is clear that the resume of a 20-year-old young man will be much shorter than that of a 50-year-old specialist with a long professional biography. And a detailed three-page cover letter should not cost as much as an incomplete page of a college graduate.

It would be great if you could provide an express service in addition to the basic offer. For example, writing a resume within a few hours. Surely there will be customers who will agree to pay 50% extra for urgency. Possible and "opposite" additional service - creative cover letters, which are guaranteed to get on the priority list of the employer. They can take three to five days to draft.

Over time, you will see which services are most in demand, and you will adjust your work accordingly.