About Us


Holland Rugs is a family owned and operated local business. Owners Andrew and Wendi Holland have been in the industry for over ten years. Andrew started cleaning carpets in 2004 and since then has gotten certified in rugs, upholstery, carpet, odor control, color restoration, woolcare, and stone care. He is a certified wool care provider through the WCI (wool care institute). Andrew has traveled around the country to study with the best rug washers in the world and has carefully incorporated historic rug washing techniques with modern technology to create a unique system. He designed his flowing river rinse platform to mimic putting a rug in a river to rinse it like they have been doing successfully for thousands of years. Although Holland pays homage to the old ways they do take advantage of technology like their “Rug Badger” that vibrates the back of the rug to get out dry soil instead of beating the rug with a pole while it hangs for hours like people have done through history.